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Love my be outdoor kitchen

This outdoor kitchen is everything I was looking for. The staff at Outdoor Kitchen Pro have been awesome to work with.

Charcoal tray

Excellent product, fits right, easy to clean. Invest in a good quality lump charcoal for low smoke and low ash, charcoal gets lit up quickly with the gas flame, zero issue.

Mont Alpi Stainless Steel Island

Awesome grill! Looks beautiful, heats up super quick and cooks to perfection!

Love our new outdoor kitchen

So glad we got this kitchen island, it adds such a vibe in our back yard. Beautifully made, slick and love the new grill.

Love our out door kitchen

We love our out door kitchen! We ordered it got in with in a week. High quality heavy duty grill. The granite is beautiful and the lights on the grill knobs add a touch of class. It’s nice having the refrigerator and sink too. We had a few questions and the customer service replied to my emails right away.
This was a great purchase!!!

Put everything together, all level and squared up, took me about 6 hours and 6 beers, but it is ...

Outstanding Grill

Mont Alpi won't dissapoint

I researched extensively and even considered building a brick and mortar kitchen. I ended up buying the 6 burner and rotisserie Mont Alpi kit with the refrigerator. It came expertly packed on a pallet. You do need a friend to help unpack it and move it your desired location. However, once in place I assembled the entire unit in less than an hour. It looks super sharp and like so many others, didn't want to use it and dirty it. I have done many cooks since, and it doesn't dissapoint. It gets incredibly hot and presents a learning curve--but a good one to have! I get better and better each time and each meal is better than the last. I am following the recommended cleaning instructions and it still looks brand new. Lastly, I would recommend buying it with the refrigerator. I get tons of compliments as the fridge is also really sharp looking with the glass door and blue lighting. We have a pool and 3 boys, so it prevents us having to use a tacky cooler or going in and out of the house wet. Buy with confidence!

Great product. Absolutely fantastic service!

100% recommend. Randy (owner) called me at 6:40pm on a Friday to walk me through an issue with non typical setup. Best customer service I’ve ever received on a product!

What a beast!

Very pleased with the way the grill looks very easy to assemble and the packing of each item assured the possibility of no chance of having any damage to being delivered!

Best Kitchen Station in the Market

Extremally happy with the decision to buy this Mont Alpi Island Station, it is amazing and the customer service and attention from Outdoor Kitchen Prop was really great from the moment that I start looking for options all the way through the moment that it was delivery to my house, The units are beautiful and they have a fantastic quality termination and look.
I recommended to all the people looking for a kitchen station do not hesitate for a second to purchase this product.
Thank you Outdoor Kitchen Pro.

Mont Alpi grill

I I don’t often comment. But this has been the best purchase I have made in a while. I love the quality and customer service. Absolutely outstanding and highly recommend.

The real deal!

Great product! Well made grill and surrounding cabinetry. The grill is very well made and cooks extremely evenly. 10 out of 10!

My second Fuego

I bought it again after using the first one for 10 years

The outdoor kitchen looks great, looking forward to using after the completion of our deck. It looks better than the on-line picture, the counter tops material is amazing There was a slight issue when it arrived however Randy got it remedied right away.

Mt Alpi fitted outdoor kitchen cover

It came in a timely manner. The product fits the outdoor kitchen perfectly.

Outdoor Kitchen

Communication was great, it was very well packaged and so far everything is great. Thank you!

Excellent Quality and Value

The grill and fridge combo is fantastic and work beautifully. Outdoor Kitchen Pro was a joy to work with and incredibly responsive to questions, plus good folks to chat with in general!
While I love the Mont Alpi and their customer support is also terrific, the directions that came with the grill were out of date, sometimes inaccurate, and entirely out of sync with their beautiful products. For example, their gas conversion instructions make the process sound simple, but it is not as portrayed. On the plus side, I called them numerous times with technical questions and they were thorough and clear explaining the process (same for a couple other topics) and apologetic for the poor manual, assuring me it is being updated.
So the grill, the manufacturer, and the retailer were/are wonderful; only the instructions have room for improvement. I also love that Outdoor Kitchen Pro is a small business and not Amazon--so much better to work with a small business like theirs!

Beautiful Grill

It's hard to find a high quality, modern grill, that looks good, works well, and puts out enough heat. This grill does it all. I love the look and the storage. Always skeptical of products made in china, but they got this right. You can tell that this is a quality constructed product from the point that it arrives. The protective packaging is impressive. The materials and workmanship are of a very high standard. I had to convert mine from propane to natural gas. The instructions and tools provided made this an easy conversion. I got the optional charcoal tray accessory. This is really changing the game, as I love to sometimes grill certain foods on charcoal. The tray fits into ⅓ of the grill by removing the grid and flame tamers, inserting the charcoal tray and then the grid fits back over it. You light the charcoal in the tray using the two burners under it and bam.... you're grilling on charcoal in your fancy modern grill. The burners put out a ton of heat. I have used it several times now. Still need to try the rotisserie. The only complaint I have is the cover. Since these grills are modular units, the covers are modular too. The modular covers are meant to be assembled by zipping them together. My covers all had non-functioning zippers. The quality of the actual zippers is terrible. It's a shame that with a $5,000 grill you don't get a matching quality cover. I have subsequently spent the money on a custom made cover that fits over the entire grill.

Beautiful outdoor kitchen

We have finally been able to set up our outdoor kitchen! Pretty easy set up and seems to be made of good quality for a reasonable price. Finally had the opportunity to use the grill, and it did not disappoint. Plenty of room to BBQ for a party. The fridge and the sink are great accents to the island. I did notice that the right side end piece countertop was cut to size and it wasn’t a very clean cut. Also the cover that it came with, the zipper is already broke on one of the attachments and doesn’t seem to be to durable. May break down quick after a hot summer.


Overall, the kitchen is 9.3 out of 10 now I must say I didn’t have to drill a few holes which is no big deal but I do understand there’s been a hardware change lately so possibly the hardware you need will be included.