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Summerset Professional Grills

Summerset Single Side Burner SSSB1
$445.00 USD $569.00 USD

Welcome to the Summerset Professional Grills Collection at Outdoor Kitchen Pro! As a brand born of experience with 18 years of leadership in manufacturing and branding, Summerset focuses on three key elements: exceptional build quality, amazing value, and personalized service. Let’s explore what sets Summerset apart:

  • Precision Engineering: Summerset grills feature laser-cut grates, flame tamers, and ceramic briquettes for even heat distribution.
  • Versatility: From searing to rotisserie cooking, Summerset offers a range of features to enhance your outdoor culinary adventures.
  • Innovative Design: Visible in-chamber fire, reversible door mounting, magnetic latches, and smooth-gliding drawers—all backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Elevate your outdoor cooking with Summerset Professional Grills!