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I did not have any issues with installation other than trying to level the unit. I was unable to lower the levels with a phillips or flathead screwdriver. I will have to find a thin wrench that will fit the unit. I had a friend install my water and drain line, I must say he did an awesome job. He tied my drain line into my french drain line, so that it flows through the french drain. I have not used the kitchen yet, but can't wait. Outdoor kitchen pro was very helpful when support was required. I am very pleased with my Mont Alpi 805 Deluxe Island with Beverage Center / MAi805-DBEV .

Amazing outdoor kitchen, outstanding service from OutdoorKitchenPro

I ordered this outdoor kitchen in November, but wasn't ready to install it until March. The great people at OutdoorKitchenPro offered to hold it for me until I was ready to get it delivered. The item came in perfect condition; the delivery driver was very accommodating and carted the items up a long driveway to the garage. This is now installed, and it is amazing. The neighbors love it, I love it, and it really takes our outdoor living to a whole new level. Mont Alpi is also very responsive with all the questions I had. I highly recommend buying the grill from OutdoorKitchenPro.

I was very anxious about such an expensive purchase online but man I was wrong about every single detail. There was not even one hick-up from start to end. Thank you

Definitely Not a Chef

It's hard to buy a birthday present for a wife of 56 years on her 75th birthday. However, since I'm not a cook and she's cooked virtually every meal for me in 56 years of marriage, I thought a BBQ island where I did some of the could be appropriate. The gift arrived unexpectedly right on her birthday encased in 1/2 plywood on 2 pallets. It was obvious the product had been well protected during shipment. Since a late Utah snow had softened the ground, I used the plywood to create a walkway to move each easily to its final location on the heavy duty castors. The black stainless looks great against our new more modern exterior color scheme and the whole island fits nicely where our old hot tub used to be. My bride is thrilled with her new gift and the grandkids love that they have a new, albeit used, hot tub!

So much better than expected

We received our Mont Alpi grill and assembled quickly with little effort. Some sections were heavy and difficult to get to the back yard. Fortunately with some help got them together with little issue.

The grill has worked well, the fridges are much better / bigger than expected and the pizza oven worked fantastic out of gate. We did 11 small pizzas in an hour for family and friends.

Was hesitant investing on this site outdoor kitchen site unseen but we are glad with decision made. Overall quality is great, the packaging methods for shipment was impressive, even the cover is better than expected.
Definitely recommend. Glad we got the extra cabinet. Not using the sink but have the pizza oven sit over it when using so ideal for us.

Will see how it progresses after a few months of southern sunshine and use.

Great outdoor kitchen

This outdoor kitchen is truly a gem when it comes to its price. Not only is it packed with all the necessary features, but it is also incredibly easy to install. Trust me, you won't find a better deal than this.

Great BUY

It was exactly what we read about online and looked the same. We love it!

So many great things but a few annoyances

I have had this for a couple of months now. Love the grill. Gets nice and hot but do need to find the hotspots. The rear is definitely much hotter than the front on mine. Also I read that the beverage center came ready for a garden hose but mine did not and I bought adapters that I tried to use but no luck with leaks. I thought all I would have to do is hook a garden hose to it. The second issue is with the leg levelers. They have a Philip top and it strips easily. It should have a top that allows for use of sockets or wrenches. The last little annoying item is the cover. I really love the idea of them being separate pieces to zip together. I just wish they would zip from the back to the front so that you can easily unzip the beverage center when the cover is on and open the fridge or use the sink without removing the whole cover.

Mont Alpi 805 Black Stainless Steel Island with Beverage Center / 6-Burner Grill, 2 Infrared Burners, Sink, Fridge / MAi805-BSSBEV

Almost perfect!

When my outdoor kitchen arrived, the packaging was very good however I did find two dings in the stainless steel! The pieces were so heavy I decided to just keep the two pieces that were dinged up. The assembly was very simple but trying to figure out the cover system that I purchased was confusing. I still have one end of the island uncovered because the cover I do have left over won’t fit. With all this being said, the Island and kegerator look amazing in my backyard. I would definitely recommend.

Not the color as the picture

The picture in the color is black and the cover is really grey. A little disappointing

Very smart design and very easy with the zipper to manage each part of the cover

Very nice for the price.

The quality is very good for the price. I was about to spend 20k on a more custom kitchen but I decided to take a chance on Mont Alpi and save the money. I’m glad I did. The quality is good and I had no problems with the shipping. The shipping crates are well designed and I had no damaged parts. Assembly was very easy. However, I had two problems to overcome. The slope on my back patio was too much for the leveling legs that come with the kitchen. I had to add shims under the legs. Second. The grill island needs to be place at least 5 inches from the wall so the lid can open, but this leaves a gap between the wall and the cabinets because the countertop does not extend beyond the back of the cabinets. In other words, you can’t push any of the cabinets tight against the wall if you have the grill island because they all connect together. In my opinion, this is a design flaw. Mont Alpi could manufacture the countertops to extend 5 inches over the back of the cabinets to cover this gap. It would look so much better if the cabinets were flush against the wall and the additional cost would be minimal. Or maybe sell a kit with the necessary countertop material to fill in the gap. However, the product still deserves 5 stars because its a very good value.

It doesn’t fit unless I’m doing something wrong

Easy set up

We’ve only been able to cook on it once so far. But the grill was packaged really well on pallets. Everything was as it should be. It was also fairly easy to assemble what had to be assembled. It is a beautiful addition to our patio.

Please with the deal

The order was clean nd freshly stacked ; very impressed with any questions I had along the way.

Very nice - a few minor issues

Overall I'm very pleased with this purchase. In addition to the three-piece 805 Island, I ordered an extra shelving unit and the fridge unit with waterfall side. As you can see from the attached photo, this all fits together nicely with the left side up against a wall and the right side with the waterfall. Everything was packaged incredibly well on two pallets. Almost too good - we were left with a whole truckload of packing material (wood pallets plus bases for the individual pieces, plywood on some sides, large sheets of cardboard on other sides, plastic wrap and straps) which all needed to be disposed of. Can't really complain though since everything was in perfect condition once uncrated. Now for the issues we encountered:

1. We rolled all of the pieces into the desired position, a couple feet from the back wall so I could attach the rear connecting brackets. This is where I discovered that there were some missing screw holes. I went ahead and drilled the missing holes and used self-tapping screws in those locations. Not a big deal. or so I thought...
2. Rolled the whole thing back against the wall then went to make the connections between the pieces on the front side. Again, some pieces didn't have holes or more significantly, were missing the threaded inserts. Hmm.
3. Since I could not attach all of the fronts together I decided to settle for putting down the feet, which would add the necessary stability. I started trying to lower the feet and only a couple of them would go down. The rest would not budge.
4. Went to attach handle to the fridge and discovered that one of the holes was tapped with the wrong size threads. Definite QA issue on the part of Mont Aldi.

At this point I decided to call for support. I was going to call Outdoor Kitchen Pro but the instructions said to call Mont Aldi directly for support so I called them. The guy I talked to was "helpful" but also was quite condescending. I told him I was having trouble getting the feet to go down. He said that was not necessary, that the mounting brackets were enough to keep everything together. So then I told him about the missing screw holes and he said the pieces I bought were not intended to go together. He said they have informed dealers of this but OKP never passed that info along. OK fine, so now how do I get the feet to go down? Turns out that they have a nut on the bottom to keep them from going down! What?! There is only like two inches in between the island and the ground. How am I supposed to get the nuts off? Would have been nice to know this before I put everything into final position but it was not mentioned in the instructions and he had no good explanation for why this was done. Seriously, it was not like they were going to just fall down on their own. So he proceeded to instruct me to put my phone under there and take some pics to see where the nuts were then I could proceed to bash my knuckles on the ground trying to remove them. I settled for one foot down per unit, which seemed to provide enough stability to keep the pieces from separating. Next I mentioned the issue with the threads being the wrong size on the refrigerator handle and he absolutely refused to believe this could happen! He mumbled something about "operator error" which got me pretty pissed off. I offered to send him pics or return the defective handle but ultimately he agreed to send me a new one. Finally I mentioned that I had quite a few leftover screws and other parts that weren't referenced in the instructions. He basically told me not to worry my pretty little head about that. OK, not his exact words but certainly how it came across. Whew, all done with that nightmare support call!

Assembly aside, the grill is working great and we get lots of compliments on it. One modification I made was to remove the shelves from the extra shelving unit I purchased, and installed the "Simplehuman 35 Liter / 9.3 Gallon Dual Compartment Under Counter Kitchen Cabinet Pull-Out Recycling Bin and Trash Can" which I bought on Amazon.

Finally, we also got a free pizza oven with purchase of the island. I paid extra to get a cover for it but what I received is actually a carrying case, not a cover. You have to pick the whole thing up to get it inside the case and have to remove the gas line. It was a pain in the butt. I went on Amazon and found quite a few helpful reviews of this pizza oven, with suggestions on how to achieve the optimal temperature and avoid burning the crust. Also someone mentioned that the "Char-Griller 2455 Table Top Grill/Side Fire Box Cover" fits perfectly on the pizza oven so I bought one and it is great and only $16!. Wish I hadn't bought the misnamed "cover" from OKP, which cost $58.

I'm giving a five star rating despite these issues because the grill seems very well constructed, looks great and cooks great!


Like their name says, these folks really are Pros. They know their product details, use and installation details and spot on as to delivery times . This was our second purchase - seamless and no hassles. Dan

Great Quality

Love the grill station. Great addition to our pool area. Fits well together, high quality & looks great! Assembly instructions are sparse at best. But it’s worth it.

Mont Alpi Natural Gas Regulator & Hose Conversion Kit / MANGK

Mont Alpi 805 Deluxe Island with Fridge Cabinet

Randy and John are great to work with. They answered all my questions before the purchase. Delivery was great with no issues or damage. I had a question regarding the switch to natural gas and they got back quickly. Great grill and great company to work with.

Super nice kitchen

Each piece came in the best packaging crate I’ve ever experienced. Beautiful pieces and top of line. John did a great job setting me up.