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Moss Ranch Style Grill

Moss Ranch Style Barbecue Grill, comes with (1) 55 gallon barbecue pit that has a sliding cooking grate system, top warmer removable grate. Charcoal Pan inside for collecting ashes at the bottom of the grill, thermometer that tells you smoking barbecue and grilling temperatures. The unit also comes with (1/2) barrel with a rotisserie unit over the grill and one main expansion metal cooking grate that will give you the options of using the rotisserie system or cooking meals over the main cooking grates. Rolls on four caster locking wheels. This unit has several options you can smoke, rotisserie, or straight grill your favorite meals on our Ranch Style Pit.


The Double Barrel 1/2 Style Ranch Grill includes a Single Barrel Grill with Smoke Stack, Stainless Steel Plate cooking rack, Sliding Cooking Grate with handles, Bottom Ash Pan, 1/2 Barrel with Rotisserie Unit, (4) caster locking wheels.

  • Height 55”
  • Width 35”
  • Length 105”
  • Rotisserie Unit can cook up to 28LBS
  • Main Cooking grates 31.5×21.5 – Top Warmer grate 33”X 10”























































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