Chicago Brick Oven Dual Fuel Pizza Oven / CBO-750 on Stand / Hybrid (Gas/Wood) / CBO-O-STD-750-HYB




    Chicago Brick Oven Dual Fuel Pizza Oven/ CBO-750 on Stand / Hybrid (Gas/Wood) / CBO-O-STD-750-HYB

    • MADE IN THE USA: High-performance outdoor pizza ovens sourced and made in the USA to ensure safe and reliable year-round cooking.
    • VERSATILITY: Signature FlameRoll® generates high, even temperatures, allowing you to fire up anything including grilled meats, roasted vegetables, bubbling cheeses, flaky pizza crusts, and more.
    • INCOMPARABLE FLAVOR: Anything cooked on a grill or in a conventional oven can be prepared in a wood-burning oven. The difference? Everything tastes better when it’s wood-fired.



      The CBO-750 Hybrid Stand (Residential/ Commercial) oven brings twice the cooking power because it includes a two-burner gas system. The infrared burner under the hearth is great for searing meat and providing uniform heat, and an ambient burner at the back of the hearth allows you to achieve oven-like performance through indirect heat. You may also burn wood at the back or side of the oven to bring a unique wood-fired flavor to your menu.

      The CBO-750 Hybrid Stand (Residential/ Commercial) is certified to UL Standards, giving you everything you need to experience the high heat of our signature FlameRoll®.

      Our residential hybrid ovens are for outdoor use only. Hybrids are available in Natural Gas (NG) or Propane Gas (LP) and must be designated as NG or LP gas unit at time of order and shipped from factory complete because it cannot be retrofitted in the field.



      • 6-Piece Oven - Dome, 3-piece Hearth (38" x 28" cooking surface), Arch, Decorative Door
      • Hood Color - Available in Silver Vein, Copper Vein or Solar Black
      • Gas Package - Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LP)
      • Install Kit - Anchor Plate, Insulating Board & Blanket, Steel Plate, Mortar
      • Accessory Package - Pizza Peel, Brush, Infrared Thermometer Gun
      • Stand - Heavy duty and custom built for Chicago Brick Oven



      • The Residential (R) oven is certified for outdoor use only.
      • The Commercial (C) oven is certified for both indoor and outdoor use.



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        Ask a Question
        • How quickly does a pizza typically cook? How long does it take to heat up with natural gas? Can I do both natural gas and on occasion wood Does the stand come with the oven ?

          To heat the oven with gas, wood or a combination of both, takes about an hour. To be ready to cook, the dome and hearth plate need to absorb a lot of heat. They are 2 inches thick. Gas may be slightly faster if you count the time to get the wood in and the fire going.

          Once heated, a Neapolitan pizza will cook in about 3 minutes That will vary based on the dough. It also assumes a temperature of 750 -800 degrees. Keep in mind that gas alone will bring the temperature to 700-725 degrees. If you want it hotter, you will need to supplement with wood, or use just wood. While the oven is designed to use wood or wood with gas, many customers enjoy cooking with the gas alone. You just need to be aware of the temperature limitation.

          The stand does come with this oven.

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