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Single Barrel Smoker with Rotisserie

Single Barrel Smoker Grill with an offset firebox, the unit has a damper to control the airflow from the firebox to the 55 gallon barrel this unit is painted with a high temp paint that has a smoke stack opposite of the firebox with a cap, sliding cooking grates, rotisserie unit, charcoal pan, (2) diamond plates table counter tops, bottom storage racks, 4 caster locking wheels unit comes with a logo of your choice. This unit can also be equipped with a reverse flow system. Additional fees will be required for Reverse Flow System. Please call for details.


This Single Barrel Grill offers the ease of slide out cooking grates to accompany a motorized rotisserie. It also offers a unique diamond plate table and comes with a metal frame and under grill storage.

  • Height 55”
  • Length 66”
  • Width 35”
  • Main Cooking grate 31.5×21.5 – Top Warmer Grate 33”X 10”

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