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Double Barrel Grill Single Smoke Box Deluxe with Side Wall Enclosure.

Now you can own a more polished addition to your backyard patio. This Deluxe version of our Double Barrel Grill Single Smoke Box includes a built-in steel enclosure walls around the base, with an open side for you, the “Grill Boss.” Your neighbors will be so impressed!

Built by American Veterans for years of lasting performance. These enclosure walls are made of thick solid steel and sealed with the same matching black powder of the grill frame.

Under grill storage is great. It’s a great place to store your BBQ supplies like charcoal bags, smoking woods, brushes and rags. Wouldn’t it be nice to make all that stuff invisible to your guests? Now, you can hide all your under grill storage by with this new option, the Moss Grills Side Wall Enclosure. Only You, “the Grill Boss,” will know it’s there. Your under grill space still holds all your tools and supplies. Easy to quickly grab when you need them.

the unit comes with (2) 55 gallon barrel grills and has an offset firebox with a damper system installed to control the airflow. This unit has a smoker box installed on one of the 55 gallon barrels and is used for smoking on one side while your grilling on the opposite side. This unit is painted with a high temp paint with (2) smoke ventilation stacks and caps. This unit also comes with (2) sliding cooking grate, (2) charcoal pan, (2) top warmer cooking grates (2) diamond plate table counter tops, (3 )bottom storage racks is added to this unit with, (4) caster locking wheels to include a thermometer set that will tell you smoking barbecuing and grilling temperatures and (2)wood handles per each side. This unit comes with a heavy duty flat bar across the door to provide more stability and support. Comes also with a bottom storage bend so that you can store your logs and wood.


  • Height 55”
  • Width 35”
  • Length 123”
  • Main Cooking grates 31.5×21.5 – Top Warmer grate 33”X 10”

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